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Cozy up your home

Unwind at the end of a fall day with a cup of your favorite hot drink and slippers in the comfort of your favorite couch...

Does this sound at times like a faraway dream?

Believe it or not, a lot of us find relaxing stressful; the clutter + mess, unchecked never ending lists... but a few changes around the house can turn your home from just an end-of-day stop to your favorite destination.

On the fall and winter months a lot of us crave that cozy feeling that comes with a blanket and most likely the sweetest thing in our pantry, and having a home that is inviting and cozy just makes it even more pleasant. But how to get there without spending lots of time and money and actually having time to relax?

Here are our ideas to make your house a little homier.

Before 1 Plan... realistically

Look around your home and visualize an area you would like to enjoy more, cozying up your home should be something to enjoy, and maybe doing a small area from start to finish will bring up the motivation and inspiration to carry out the whole project.

Do you have a full-time job? Do you have a full-time house? Both?!

Some of us will do a little tweaking and add-ons here and there, and some of us will want to do a complete haul once we get started.

Think about how much time you can really invest before you take off half your things on the driveway and decide to never bring them back in because you are so tired!

1. Start at the Front

Your front door/porch is an inside peek of your family's likes and styles. A wreath can be inviting, funny, elegant or all of the above. If you have a shoe-free home, a basket of slippers and a place to perch your coats is an invitation to relax and let go of the stress of the day.

2. Away it goes... eliminate the clutter

If you have it in you, go through the items in your house and decide if there are some things you can part with in order to make your life easier and your home nicer.


Our plan for getting rid of clutter goes like this: 3, 2, 1.

Start with 3 categories: Keep Pile, Donation Pile (or trash), and Maybe Pile.

Leave the maybe pile for the end, it will save you time. Once you have decided to let other things go it will make it easier to make decisions on this pile, splitting them in 2 categories: Does it serve a purpose? Does it make me happy?

Now with what has passed the test, find 1 designated place for it.


The worst has passed, you've done it!

3. Living in the Living Room

Small comforts like pillows and throws help your body know it's time to enjoy... a soft rug at your feet will complete the feeling.

And even though design magazines don’t want to admit it, the TV is usually the main focus of a living room, but you can cozy up your home by not ignoring the rest of the walls and add some pictures at eye level of happy moments or things you like. Some textured or three dimensional art will bring out layers to your home.

A coffee table that can actually hold your cup and some books (or your phone) will make it comfy and practical.

4. Cozy up the Kitchen

During these autumn months, food seems to be at its most popular, and nothing says cozy like a homemade meal.

Also, a lot of the kitchen tools can be decorative, rolling pins on a wooden board, spatulas in a tin, an apron on the wall... so if you are not one to cook much you can still make it look like you might... sometimes.

Even when you eat takeout, when in the mood, enjoy your meal on your own dishes and real silverware, it might be an extra load on the dishwasher but paper plates don't always bring the homey to the table.

5. Stimulate all senses

Your home is looking great, it is feeling awesome, and now is the time to make it smell good!

Candles help you bring out that warm lighting and can also make your home smell to match... cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin are popular in the fall and winter months.

The scent of wood, coffee, popcorn, and cookies bring up the energy in your home.

Don’t forget there is nothing like the smell of clean, so if you are not big on scented oils or candles, it might be that airing your house to a cool fall day would make the whole difference.

6. All over the place

Now that you get the cozy theme going and are figuring out what makes you feel at home, go from 1 to 5 and repeat in all the areas you want to cozy up, fluffy bedding, floral arrangements, patio lights, even the office! (Someone suggested the car... still have to check on that one.)

7. Enjoy

You brought out the pillows and cleared out the mess, now it is actually time for you and your loved ones to enjoy, lay back (on your comfy couch) and spend time making the memories that build a home... you deserve it.


We asked the some teammates what makes their house a home and here is what they shared:

"Pictures on the wall and seasonal decorations make it inviting".

- Evelina

" A full bookshelf and pictures on the walls, plus a couple of kids running around."


"Letting the dogs own the place make it homey for us, seasonal candles also make it warm and cozy."


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